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It’s the end of the world! Now what?

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10 years ago the Earth was a different place – the technological advance had shaped our world in an unthinkable way. It is 2023 – only 10 years after our world turned around. I can barely remember my life before the day everything stopped working. Since I was young I had big interest in technology and more specifically – computers. Computers… Those electronic devices had incredible power to perform huge amounts of calculations in a blink of an eye. We could visualize entire virtual worlds, we could see and talk to people on the other side of the globe, we could do so much… and then everything stopped working.

We call it “The blackout”. It was my birthday – the third of November, 2013. I was talking to my mother on the phone when it turned itself off. I thought it was just my battery and tried to use the Internet to call her again. But I couldn’t. Imagine my surprise when nothing worked. There was no electricity, even the devices with batteries couldn’t turn on. My watch had stopped at 15:30. It never moved again.

I studied Computer science at the Sofia University, thinking I would master the art of programming, I would get an interesting and highly paid job. I couldn’t have been so wrong. That day, my birthday, the demand for programmers fell to zero. That happened with all professions. There were no jobs left. Why? Because we had formed a symbiosis with the electronics. And they were gone.

Almost all of the cars couldn’t start. Those that did were really old ones without electronics, but that didn’t matter because they eventually ran out of fuel. The people with those cars were lucky to escape the city before the people turned against each other.

When every electronic circuit on the planet stopped working, everything collapsed. The supplies were quickly exhausted, there was no water and no food. There was no way we could get information other than person to person. What was in the stores was either sold out on the fourth of November, or stolen on the next day. The money had no value. The smart people left the big city. It was either stay and be killed by hungry people who wanted your food, or leave and take your chances in a small village. At least there the people had better chances of survival because of the animals and vegetables they were growing themselves.

You would ask “What about the government? What about the police?”. They went down first. The government collapsed. It wasn’t really stable even when the electronics worked. And a police without a law was even worse than no police.

So what happened next? And how am I able to write this, 10 years after the end of the world? That’s a subject of another story, and I don’t have much time left. Long story short – I got lucky.

I am with a group of people in a small village near the Danube. It’s 2023 but we are living in the 15th century. We grow our own food, we have cattle and we go fishing regularly. We are not many – only 30 people, but we have developed our own little utopia. We are all friends here – old and young. Every one of us work hard every day to make a living. When I’m not working out in the field or feeding the goats, I teach the kids elementary math, biology, physics and some literature. However, books are really hard to find. A few months after The blackout people started to use books to make fire for warmth. It hurts me to think that the next generation will never know what the world was like before. They would never have access to the same amount of information I had. That’s why I was doing the best I can to remember everything and pass it on. I’m holding in my hand the last pen in 100km radius, and the last few sheets of paper.

There are other villages like ours. Some are smaller and some are larger. Once a month we trade goods with the neighboring ones. If you asked me ten years ago what would be the fastest transport in 2023, I would probably say some kind of a flying car. Now the horse is man’s best friend.

Last time we traded with one of the villages we heard rumors that some kind of new organization has formed. People with swords and guns stolen from what used to be military warehouses want to take control of our lives. They just arrived and our only two options are to work as slaves or …


Today, the third of March 2023, the world ends again.


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1 Comment to "It’s the end of the world! Now what?"

  1. Todor

    August 23, 2013

    Хмм. Прилича малко на “деня на трифидите” и “пътешествието на Хиеро”.
    Готино разказче.

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